No hacks to Joomla! or Jomsocial core files!

A Cool Approval is a pro-active solution to photo and video screening and or moderation for use with Jomsocial. A Cool Approval is compatible with Joomla 3.x and Jomsocial 3.x

com_acoolcore: This is a core component that is the foundation of A Cool Approval. mod_acoolapproval: A Cool Approval module is an administrator side module which should be placed in the cpanel position for easy approval of photos and videos. plg_coolcommunity: A Cool Community plugin intercepts all photos and videos uploaded to your site and puts them in a queue for an administrator to approve or delete.

Latest update allows moderation of wall posts and comments.

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Video transcript:

A Cool Approval Avatars: A user changes their avatar and a pending image is placed in it's spot until the admin approves. Your avatar will not appear until it has been approved by an administrator.

The admin can view the avatar as well as the users admin profile and the users profile from the front end. If the avatar is acceptable you can approve it, if the avatar is unacceptable then you can delete it.

The avatar has been approved.

This process is repeated with groups and events as well. Groups/Events Let's assume this image is unacceptable. The image was not approved so the image was deleted and the default image has been replaced to it's original state.

Events are exactly the same way. the image was 'unacceptable' and we removed it. Let's upload and approve one.

Next we'll do photos. Photos: We have to use the flash uploader if you want a notice to users stating that their photos will need to be approved before they are seen. Also we will want to make sure that jomsocial does not automatically set album covers. "You have uploaded 6 out of 500 allowed photo uploads. Your photo will not appear until it is approved by an administrator. "

Let's approve all but the one we have deemed unacceptable.

Videos: First we'll do a link video "Your video will not appear until it has been approved by an administrator" View the video and make sure it's acceptable. Let's assume the second video is unacceptable. video was deleted. Let's check the other one. Approved video is now pending awaiting for jomsocial to process it.

Thank you for your support!